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Hollywood says anybody can represent

How does Hollywood REPRESENT you?

Your Race?

Your Gender?

Your Age Group?



Gays & Lesbians?

Those with a disAbility?

Everybody wants to be represented - to have their voices heard and images seen and especially in movies and television. This desire becomes a need when that representation is directly connected to a basic characteristic of their identity, such as with age, race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, and for those living with a disAbility, their disAbility is no exception. And to have Authetnic Representation is essential. Unless for comedic effect then black face, dressing in drag or representing a minority that you do not belong to is INSULTING!

Everyone recognizes that living with a disAbility is a tremendous challenge and one that is as significant to live with as a persons' age, race, gender, creed and sexual orientation. Yet most are only concious of this fact when it comes to the letter of the law in accessible access in businesses, parking lots, or as it is associated with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and Hollywood plays a huge role with very limited movies & television programs featuring those with a disAbility - and is two fold - first in which nearly all are with stereotypical images and second in that they are represented in voice, vision, and performance by those who do not have a disAbility. Of course not all disAbilities can represent themselves - but a majority of the 56+ million Americans with a disAbility can - and yet Hollywood perpetuates another of their attitude barriers by always lumping all of those with a disAbility as unable.


The time to unite to break the Hollywood stereotypes, end the industry practices of discrimination, and for the same opportunities that Hollywood gives other minorities to AUTHENTICALLY REPRESENT themselves is NOW!

Authentic Representation in Hollywood

EVERYBODY is invited to add your comments below - whether you are a person with a disAbility or able bodied - and let Hollywood and the world know how you feel about my feature film project "London Time", or the past and even present accepted practices of stereotypes and discrimination of paraplegics and those with a disAbility in general - as well as how you would support Authentic Representation in Hollywood movies and television of those with a disAbility!





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"I am a person with a disAbility and my wheelchair is as much a part of me as my legs - and yet Hollywood portrays them as no more significant than a pair of shoes - ones that anyone can wear - that is not representing me!"
Tom Muxie, actor, model, performer with a disAbility.

"After reading Larry's screenplay, "London Time" I was blown away! Not only an authentic voice, but the character of Detective London is more than just a 21st century 'Ironside", he is a hero to me and I can't wait to see this as a movie!"
Jon Holtz-Revels of

What Time Is It cartoon


"Whether someone is born with a disAbility or acquires it in life - it is not a choice, Those of us living with a disAbility did not choose to live with a disAbility.

Yet Hollywood continues to "choose" who they want to portray and represent those living with a disAbility. 99% of the time they choose an able bodied person whose only connection is what they read in books and feel they understand by hanging out with a paraplegic or other person with a disAbility.

That time is about to end with my films, like "London Time" and all of our work here at Abilities United Productions and that includes everyone - even if it is just to speak up. Here everyone's voice is meaningful and important to the mission, the cause, and the success of my movies that will authentically portray and represent paraplegics and all those with a disAbility. And with this success - which relies on your support, will create a significant "turning point" in American cinema for all of those with a disAbility. Join with us by speaking up today!"
Larry N. Sapp II, writer, director, founder & executive of Abilities United Productions, and paraplegic!